Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reasons Why I Love 日本 #6

  • 俳句 (haiku). Somehow I missed out on this in school (or for some reason, don't have a clear memory of learning to write haiku). In any case, my Junior classes are currently working with haiku, and I had headmaster/family friend Brian Vander Haak come in to teach my class how to write haiku/work-shop with them a little. In the process, I learned that I really enjoy writing haiku. Haiku is a fascinating style of poetry--it appears simple on the surface due to the length and at times minimalist language, and yet haiku address some incredibly complex and abstract ku (or ideas) in a powerful way. Here's a haiku I wrote earlier today inspired by the sakura:

Pinkish petals lay

undisturbed on the concrete

Earth slumbers once more

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