Sunday, April 3, 2011

The purpose of this blog

Well, mostly I started this one because my email address for my old blogspot page ( has been expired for about two years, and blogspot finally realized that I was logging in using expired info... and they wouldn't let me update my email address since they required the old address/password so that they could sent a confirmation email to the old address... which had expired... yes, totally convoluted and I'm not sure I understand completely.

So here it is--I'm setting up a new blog and the purpose will be two-fold: one, it will be a place for me to keep up with the writing that I was already doing on the old blog. Since I started teaching, my postings have gone from occasional to infrequent, but I do make a point of sitting down and writing every so often (even if I'm too busy :P). I'll repost as many of my old writings on this new blog as I can, and hopefully will add lots of new stuff too.

The other purpose of this blog is to chronicle what life is like in Japan. In this sense, I hope to be more regular about posting new material. I'm going to start, quite simply, with a daily update of different things I love about Japan. This is practice for me to start writing more regularly (even if it's only a couple sentences a day), and in the meantime will hopefully serve as interesting reading for you.

So, I think that about sums it up... oh--and I should make it clear from the get-go... I don't actually eat natto that often. (Natto, for the uninitiated, is a gooey, chewy fermented bean dish that is relatively popular in Japan). I don't hate it, like some gaijin (foreigners) do, but I'm not about to make it a part of my balanced breakfast, either...

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