Thursday, January 12, 2012

Long week

This was an exhausting week, and maybe represents the least writing I have done since August (aside from Christmas break). I could complain of being constantly tired, or about the lingering feeling of stress I've had all week, but instead I'll focus on a positive.

Last night, I played volleyball with some friends (a few other teachers). Since I am rather uncoordinated (and have a fairly limited knowledge of technique), my main goal for the evening was to not look like too big of an idiot. I definitely had some less-than-graceful moments, but I had a lot more fun than I expected and worked pretty hard. Fortunately, I was teamed with several volleyball coaches, who were very patient with me, and skilled enough that I was not a fatal handicap for our team. I even provided some entertainment with my horrible technique, in which I essentially punch the ball with my fist (surprisingly providing us with several points!).

Even more entertaining was our game of basketball, after we'd finished playing volleyball. In my current tired state, I cannot recall why, but both teams spent a significant amount of time laughing (strange, considering we were actually taking the game semi-seriously). It's frustrating that I cannot remember why, but the game was hilarious.

The point being, not only was it refreshing to get several hours of solid exercise, it was also uplifting to spend time with friends. In a week otherwise filled with hard work and seemingly endless responsibilities, that evening of games and laughter with friends was a time of peace and renewal. No matter how busy I may become this semester, I must not forget the importance of taking time for friends.

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