Friday, January 6, 2012

Wait, I'm doing ANOTHER one of these things?!

Another lock-in--my 3rd this year, my 7th overall. After chaperoning a lock-in in November, I swore that I was done agreeing to chaperon lock-ins. I am not reneging on that solemn vow--I agreed to this one months ago, before I decided to hang up my chaperon hat.

I should note that it's not lock-ins themselves that I am opposed to, but more the idea of staying up all night. I used to be able to handle all-nighters relatively well, and fondly remember many epic parties with friends during my middle and high school years filled with video games, movies, bonfires and something like a cumulative ton of junk food over the course of 10 years. However, in the last few years, I've noticed a significant decline in my recovery time the longer I go without sleep. In short, pulling an all-nighter sets me up for a week of rather miserable exhaustion--a week where, no matter how much sleep I get on a given night, I will not feel 100% rested.

Lock-ins themselves are variable; utterly dependent on the planning and cooperation of the students involved.

So I don't sound like a total grouch, I must tip my hat to the class I am supervising tonight--the freshmen class of 2015. They have made my job as chaperon SO easy by thorough organization and forward planning, having games and activities figured out well in advance, deciding when to move from the gym to the academic building and then sticking to that plan, and even themselves setting a separate room rule for sleeping arrangements.

At the moment, they are keeping themselves entertained on several different fronts: a group is watching "Despicable Me" in the Multi-purpose Room, a group is playing Wii in the atrium, a group is sitting around singing with a guitar, and several groups are playing cards. What makes this all the more special is that most of the class is here tonight--37 out of 47 students, by far the largest turnout I've seen and undoubtedly the highest percentage of classmates in attendance (especially considering that several of those missing are still out of country on vacation and several more are sick and would have attended otherwise). Despite having more students to keep track of than usual, I do not need to worry: this is a respectful and fun group.

I do not need to worry about anyone being obnoxious. I do not need to worry about kicking out non-CAJ students. I do not need to worry about students vandalizing bikes in the bike parking lot. I do not need to worry about having to go out into the cold night to chase down students who sneak out. I do not need to worry about keeping students off of the 2nd and 3rd floors, which are off-limits. I do not need to worry about students watching movies that were not approved for the lock-in.

If I am going to be up most or all of the night, I cannot think of better circumstances. I think this is a good note to end on for my lock-in career; I have no doubt that this group will be able to find willing chaperons in future years with the good reputation they have developed and continue to prove their are worthy of.

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