Monday, August 29, 2011

Working late

Tonight will be another late night at school, and so I won't write much today (though I am committed to write something most days, even if it's short). Here's my observation for today: It's weird how fast the streets of Higashi Kurume become familiar--between cross country practice earlier today and then just now biking to grab dinner, navigating these streets has become second nature.

It used to be incredibly intimidating, and the fear that I would get hopelessly lost loomed large with every turn I took. Now, I know most of the streets by the school like the back of my hand, and on the streets that I haven't traveled, my sense of direction has improved enough that I can always find my way back to familiar territory. Tonight, as I biked from the machi to school on empty roads, I felt for a split second as though I were biking in a small town. The roads were mine for just that instant... and then a very noisy scooter came out of nowhere and roared past me, disrupting my moment of peace.

Still, Higashi Kurume has developed a "homey" feel that I never guessed it would. Strange and comforting how that works.

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