Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blink, and you'll

Today is "Back to School Day". I can't believe it. 25 minute classes in the morning, then parents attend each class for 13 minutes in the afternoon and I can't believe it. Usually "Back to School Day" feels like an eternity into the school year, but this year it completely snuck up on me. I kind of thought that my new teaching schedule would pick up the pace of the year, but I had no idea that it would pick up this much! And, with a Pro-D day on Friday, this school-week will speed by doubly fast.

Two weeks from now, I'll be getting ready to head into the woods just west of here for a four-day Wilderness Camp with the Junior class. This will be my second time going and evidently that makes me a veteran (a number of our seasoned leaders are unable to go this year). This fact makes me nervous, somewhat, but I'm excited for the trip. I enjoyed the hiking last year--no, it's not a comfortable couple of days and yes, there's a definite element of stress to it. However, it's also rewarding to watch the team learn to work together, communicate and figure things out. It's rewarding to watch them come alive during debrief times to talk about what is going well and what they can work on. I've been training this group to discuss, reflect and debrief in my Humanities and English classes and so I hope that this transfer of learning carries over to our Wilderness Camp experience.

However, I have much to accomplish between now and then. Maybe a trip into the woods will seem like a vacation from the stress! Or maybe I'm just talking nonsense now.

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