Friday, September 23, 2011

XC Results, 9/24 @ Ikego

Most of our meets are held at Tama Hills, but occasionally we'll travel to new locations. Though this means that it is difficult to compare times to the week before (especially when it's our very first time running on a new course), it does introduce some variety into the competitive side of Cross Country.

Today, we were on-base at Ikego. The Middle Schoolers ran a 1.7 mile course, and the high schoolers ran their first 5K race of the season.

The MS Boys ran well today. 7th grader Kenji J. placed 14th with a time of 10:24. Isaiah S., the team's only 8th grader, had another break-out race today, placing 23rd with a time of 11:05. 7th grader Callum M. was not far behind, placing 33rd with a time of 11:55, followed closely by 7th grader Ryu K. who placed 35th with a time of 12:03. 6th grader Jeremiah S. placed 49th with a time of 13:28 and 7th grader David B. placed 50th with a time of 13:30.

The two 6th grade girls continued to improve today, with Ha Eun K. placing 8th at 11:21 and Angela L. placing 17th at 12:01. The girls were thrilled that they beat some of their male teammates. The guys took this turn of events in stride, though they promised to repair their wounded dignity with better times in the next race.

The HS girls ran strong as they pushed through the first 5K meet of the season. The top 3 continued to stand out, with sophomore Runa S. placing 7th at 20:52, sophomore Misaki N. placing 12th at 21:22 and Ria K. placing 15th at 22:02. The lessons in 5K pacing that the girls learned today will prove invaluable as the team approaches the second half of the season (which includes more 5K races at Guam and Far East).

And then, the highlight of the day indisputably goes to the HS boys, who won the 5-team invitational. Junior Tsubasa K. ran his best race in two years, placing 3rd with a time of 17:20. He was followed closely by classmate Ryan H., who placed 4th with 17:37.3, and Sophomore Kye A. who placed 5th with a time of 17:37.6. Not far off was Senior Shin M., who placed 10th with 17:52. Today, these boys proved that they can handle the longer distance and also that Ryan, Kye and Shin can keep up with Tsubasa. Their performance today holds great promise for the 2nd half of the season.

Once again, I'm proud of all my runners, particularly those who ran despite not feeling well, or despite having been sick most of this past week. Way to hang in there! God bless--

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