Monday, September 5, 2011

Good Day

Today was a good day. Here's a quick list of the reasons why:

1. Spent my 1st period prep at Tully's. Not only did I get a lot of work done on my iCals for the coming week... I did so while enjoying a Honey Milk Latte and cinnamon roll. Wonderful start to the day!

2. My Junior Humanities block worked very hard to finish up their Columbus group assignments today. Considering that there were 27 laptops out for 2 straight class periods, the potential for distraction was very high, but the groups were incredibly focused on the whole, and were mature and responsible in their use of the computers. I'm proud of my Humanities crew!

3. My freshmen world history students really got into their storytelling--they've been learning and practicing retelling creation myths from all over the world. Today, they had to practice for several partners and provide feedback to each other. All across the board, I saw animated tellings with wonderful tone, gestures, eye contact, etc. This is a class of performers and I am really looking forward to working with them this year as they develop presentation, debate and of course, storytelling skills.

4. I don't have too much prep to do tonight. A little, but nowhere near as much as this time last week! We're 8 days into the school year. You may now use electronic devices and we are turning off the seat belt sign!

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  1. Makes me wish I could be in high school again!