Thursday, May 10, 2012

Definitely, May be awesome

I have reasons why I like different times of year, and different things that I look forward to at each point in the year.  Today, I was caught off-guard by another reason why I love the month of May, a reason I'd completely forgotten about: my former students come back from college!

During 7th period, I ran into a few guys who graduated last year and enjoyed hearing about how their year had been.  After school, I briefly caught up with a few of my students who graduated in 2010.  More alumni are arriving today and tomorrow.  Many more will return over the next few weeks.  These are students who were in my Bible class--because Bible is essentially a one-semester course, and I only taught these students for either a semester or two, it's not like I knew them super-well (exception being my JAM leaders and cross country runners), but all the same, it is good to catch up.

Next year will be even better: I know the current Seniors very well, as I taught them for several years, multiple subjects.  I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I'll miss them when they graduate, but the reunions of this afternoon reminded me that most of them will come back and that is a time to look forward to, to celebrate.

As I've said before, a school community is all about yearly routines and cycles... hello, goodbye and hello again.  I am grateful that there are reunions to take the sting out of the goodbyes!

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