Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alleluia moments

There are moments that occur in our lives that are so powerful and so exhilarating that the only response which makes any sense is to praise God.  Of course, often such moments are suppressed or denied, or the praise is misdirected... but the feeling is unmistakable and telling when put in the context of who we are and what we were created for.

I had one such moment on the final evening in Thailand.  I had another such moment tonight.  I was biking along the river just after 8:00, I could see the stars in the sky and a full moon beaming intensely.  There was a gentle, warm breeze, which carried with it the smells of the farm: hay, cows... some might revolt at the smell of cow manure, but to anyone who has lived in the countryside, it is the smell of life--the fertilizer that brings fields of wheat, rows of corn, and every other fresh vegetable we so enjoy bursting from the soil.  The cicada chorus from several nights ago was resting, and in their place, a chorus of crickets chirping... again, familiar to anyone who has grown up in the countryside.  All in all, the stars in the sky, the breeze, the farm smells and the peaceful chirping of the crickets were an unexpected combination in a corner of one of the largest cities in the world, and the setting reminded me with forceful clarity just how vast and beautiful God's handiwork really is. 

What could I do then, except throw my arms up in the air as I biked along and sing alleluia?  I'm grateful for tonight, and I'm also grateful that I've developed the balance sufficient to throw my arms up in the air for several minutes and continue to bike without swerving.

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