Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Passive Voice

I'm too passive. Always have been. In school, when I didn't understand a concept, I waited for an explanation rather than seeking one. When I didn't feel motivated, I waited (you know, on the off-chance that motivation would magically materialize later on... and it usually did, in the form of panic and stress). When I'm confronted with a tough situation, my inclination is to wait rather than to confront the problem. I hold off far too long while making big decisions. I am passive.

There's something to be said for patience, of course, but here's the irony: I am not a patient person. I want results, and I want them now, but I struggle to take that first step on the road to results. "I'll just wait and see" has been my modus operandi for as long as I can remember, but in hindsight, it has only ever yielded results ranging from disappointment, to boredom, to stress. The best things that have happened in my life came from decisions that, while not made rashly, were definitely made boldly and swiftly.

So then, knowing this, why do I linger in this "wait and see" mentality?

Am I lazy? Cowardly?

Perhaps a bit of both?

At any rate, I am beginning to think that I need to outgrow this mentality, whatever the cause may be. Being proactive is not even remotely in my nature, but I'd like it to be.

It won't be as simple as me waking up tomorrow and saying "I'm now a proactive person who will take action!" Still, I need to ask myself what I can be intentional about each day.

I'm 25. If I continue to approach life by waiting and seeing, all that'll happen is that I'll write this exact same post again when I'm 30. Life's too short for that.

So. What can I do now to break my routine of passivity? I've a feeling that this is an answer that I need to search for, and not just wait for.

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