Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Next exit

It's 2 am
and I'm driving
down the freeway.

The roads are empty
and the only headlights
shining in the blackness
are mine.

I don't know where I'm going.
I know where I'd like to be,
but how to get there
or even if that's the right
well, that's not entirely clear.

The mile markers tick past
in a greenish blur,
like pages
off a calendar,
or leaves from
a tree,
counting down to... something,
but I don't know what.

Which off-ramp should I take?
Which exit will keep me moving
toward the right destination?

Too often it feels like guesswork,
and that's scary.

Should I be enticed by promise
of shelter,
of fuel,
of food,
of some so-called 8th wonder of the world?

Or should I stay on the interstate?

What if I miss my exit?
Could it be I already missed it hours ago?

Sometimes I feel like
I'm just
at the wheel.

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