Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things I am Thankful For, part 3

My family. Right now, we are in three separate locations (usually it's four):

My parents are in Washington State,
My brother and sister are in Wheaton, Illinois (my brother flew out from Denver to visit her)
and I'm in Tokyo.

Despite the distance, I keep in almost weekly touch with all of them (it's been a while since I've chatted with Lea; I better fix that this weekend!), and they are a huge part of my life. My parents' support, encouragement and faith are partially responsible for my moving to Japan (even when that seemed like the scariest change in the world to me), and for me staying here. Even through the quake, tsunami and radiation scares that caused so many other state-side parents to panic, my parents remained calm and supportive of my decision to stay. They are both wise and thoughtful, and I appreciate them tremendously.

My siblings are two of my closest friends--my brother has been for a long time, as he's close in age to me and I've gotten closer to my sister recently (increasingly since I left home after high school). They share my sense of humor and though we are vastly different personalities, we're often on the same wavelength (especially noticeable when we play Apples to Apples... maybe other sibling sets know what I'm talking about). Anyway, I love them both and genuinely wish I could fly out to Chicago to be with them, even if only for a day or two. I guess I can wait till Christmas, though :)

In short--I love my family and am ever-grateful for them!

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