Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hypothesis confirmed

Yep, I am definitely an introvert. It was actually a very good day of conferences; both parents and students alike were encouraging across the board, which is good affirmation for me that what I do matters. In turn, I appreciated the opportunity to encourage students and their parents. So, in that sense, it was a very good day.

Still, it was 40 conferences (supposed to be 38, but a few extra families found their way in somehow). It's now 4:30 pm but my brain feels like it is a lot closer to bedtime. Today involved no physical activity beyond talking--in fact, I spent 90% of the day sitting. The cause for my exhaustion is clear: Lots of social interaction.

Well, only 26 more conferences to go--I know saying this makes me sound like a broken record but here goes: Time flies. I can't believe PT conferences are half done.

I might as well just start listening to Christmas music :P

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