Tuesday, November 1, 2011


After spending my morning in the thick of all the social interaction that a classroom brings, I relish the peace and quiet of lunch break. I love the opportunity to simply sit alone and regroup... catch my breath. If a student sits down and wants to talk, I will not send them away, but I find that I can't recharge as well when that happens.

So, am I an introvert? Or an extrovert? I once told my students I was an introvert and they all thought I was joking. I didn't think I was joking, and I still don't. They said I wasn't shy enough, that I was not quiet enough to be an introvert. Here's the thing, though: being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean that a person is shy or quiet, just that a person loses more energy in heavily social situations than they gain (an extrovert thrives on the crowd).

That's me... I'm not a shy person* but I cannot deny that large crowds and lots of socializing with lots of people exhausts me. I do, however, get energy from teaching (which ostensibly happens in a lively social situation)... figure that out.

I'm not really going anywhere with this note... I'm just typing. And students are gathering around, so I shall wrap this up and make conversation!

*I AM shy in some situations. Girls my age, for example... yeah, never figured that one out :P

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