Monday, November 21, 2011

A Morning Psalm

It never ceases to amaze me
that the One who built the universe,
who spoke into being every last star
in the galaxies and also every last pattern
on the tiniest shell at the beach,
should care about me.

I, too, was created for a purpose,
and so often I fail to live up to this purpose
and even run from it; from the One who made me.

Father, fill me with wonder and a passion
for you, for your creation.
May my reaction to your glory always be
to fall on my knees and praise you,
to give all that I am to you.

Take my heart, Lord, and break down the plaque
that has grown up around it, and made it indifferent to you.
Restore my heart, O God, and fill it with a desire to
follow you and nothing else on this earth.

May this be my prayer, now and always.


(Sunrise in ThaTon, Thailand in Mar, 2011)

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