Friday, October 7, 2011

Can I Just Brag for a Sec?

I'm so proud of my middle school runners, and cannot help but brag on them. Actually, the bragging rights really aren't mine--their success is not so much my coaching as it is their God-given talents and hard work. I'm just thankful to have been a part of their growth as runners. Today, we returned to Tama Hills after 3 weeks away. After being sick for a few days last week and hiking with the Juniors this past week, it had been close to 10 days since I'd worked with my kids and I truly missed them. It was a joy for me to cheer them on today, and watch as each and every one of them ran their best race ever. Here's how they did:

The boys, out of a total of 79 runners:

27th place: Kenji J. (7th grade): 14:49 (a PR of 35 seconds)
38th place: Callum M. (7th grade): 15:48 (a PR of 4 seconds)
39th place: Isaiah S. (8th grade): 15:53 (a PR of 39 seconds)
50th place: Ryu K. (7th grade): 16:36 (a PR of 75 seconds)
59th place: David B. (7th grade): 16:53 (a PR of 85 seconds)
71st place: Jeremiah S. (6th grade): 18:23 (a PR of 2:55)

The girls, out of a total of 72 runners:

12th place: HaEun K. (6th grade): 16:03 (a PR of 65 seconds)
41st place: Angela L. (6th grade): 17:42 (a PR of 72 seconds)

We have one more meet left in the season. Regardless of how these kids do next week, they have much to be proud of. The improvement that they've experienced this season is abundantly clear in the times that they've run, and I will do everything that I can to make sure the kids know just how well they are doing. Doxa and Godspeed!

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