Monday, October 31, 2011

Continuous Craziness

November is nearly upon us, and that means it's time for Parent-Teacher conferences! Since I teach 97 students, I have a busy couple of days coming up later in the week. Mercifully, not all parents have requested to speak with me, but since I'm a core subject teacher, I'm high on the list of most parents. Typically, the conferences are a source of great encouragement to me, and I appreciate the chance to communicate with parents. That said, I'm legitimately worried that I'm going to lose my voice before the day is out on Thursday. I lost my voice last year, and I had significantly less conferences. There's just something about having to adjust from using my classroom voice to a one-on-one voice that is so taxing... please pray for me; for my energy and most of all, my vocal health.

Next week is Far East (the culminating seasonal athletic competition/tournament for international and base schools in East Asia). This will remove 8 kids from my Humanities class, and 4 from my English class. It will also remove me from class on Tuesday, as I accompany the Cross Country team to their competition. Considering that the last day of class for this current week is Wednesday, what this means is that my students who play volleyball and tennis will be out of class from 11/3 until 11/14 (their first day back after the tournament). Even with the helpful idea of homework packets, this is a long time for students to be out of the school rhythm, and every year, there has been a student or two who have hit the academic skids at this point. I will most certainly be praying for these students, and invite you to pray for them, too (and also to pray for wisdom for me to know how to make the transition back to school less rocky for them).

After Far East is all wrapped up, November will be half over--a full school-week, then Thanksgiving week (which is practically a full school-week this year), and the next week, December starts. What I wouldn't give for a pause button sometimes...

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