Saturday, October 1, 2011

October the first

One thing about colds to be grateful for: they always make you appreciate your health more than you did before. Getting sick is no fun, but feeling better is wonderful because you have something with which to compare wellness. After a rather miserable day yesterday, I'm on the road to recovery, and that arrival should coincide with my departure on Wilderness Camp. With any luck, I'll be genki/genki and a half on Tuesday morning. Thanks for your prayers!

Today was a relaxing day--just what I needed on the heels of a busy week. Usually, Saturday means an early morning and a trek out to Tama Hills for Cross Country, but with the SAT today, we opted instead to have our runners compete in a meet at ASIJ yesterday afternoon. I missed that meet, and felt bad about missing it... but realistically, I would've been a worthless coach with not much of a voice and a low-grade fever (my coaching during races involves a lot of running around to catch the runners at various points in the course and lots of... "loud encouragement", I guess we'll call it). Yesterday's meet meant that today was a free day. So, I slept in and went to the middle school volleyball games at CAJ--this was a fun opportunity, as I can't make it to most ms vb games. As my middle schoolers learn to enjoy cross country, work hard and see improvement from week to week, it's good to see middle schoolers learning the basics of other sports, and to see their genuine enjoyment of the game. With high school sports, the enjoyment is still there, but it can easily be masked by the pressure of the competition. The masks are down with the middle schoolers, however, who are clearly having fun learning how to play/practicing a sport.

Well, as I've written, the sky has grown dark and my belly has grown hungry. I think that I may just venture out of the apartment and forage for a meal.

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