Monday, October 3, 2011

A Prayer Before Wilderness Camp

Father God,
Grant us the wisdom to make good decisions,
the patience to bear with one another even when we're soaked with rain, sore and exhausted, and
the optimism to find the good and the humor in every trial we face as a team.

Grant us protection as we scale steep paths, tread narrow trails, and venture through slick and muddy stretches.

Grant us the grace to deal with the rain cheerfully (or at least with the minimum amount of grumbling).

May we learn to lead through service, learn about ourselves through selflessness, and learn to love each other as you loved.

May we see you over the next four days--see your fingerprints in the beauty of your creation and see your character reflected in one another as we encourage and support one another, and work together.


The view from our second campsite from last year
(which I've affectionately named '969' because it's
at 969m) at sunrise...

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