Friday, October 21, 2011

Coping Mechanism

A re-post of something I wrote while finishing up my student teaching in northwest Iowa. Originally posted on Facebook on Sept. 5, 2008:

The sea breeze caught me as I walked along the shore today--cool and crisp. I paused to breath it in--it smelled mild, salty and damp.

I looked out over the ocean. Waves rippled gently across the surface, which stretched longingly toward the farthest reaches of the horizon, finally touching the sky at some unknown point--perhaps the edge of the world?

Over the steady crashing of the waves, I heard a gull calling in the distance. I closed my eyes and appreciated the peacefulness of the moment.

My reverie was broken when the gull landed on a powerline nearby and called again. It was not a gull at all, but a hawk.

The ocean became a vast Iowa cornfield, the cool breeze turned stagnant and humid, and the mild salty scent rotted into the tangy stench of hog manure.

As I walked back to my car, I thought to myself, "What a blessing it is, that the landlocked mind is entitled to wander."

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