Sunday, December 18, 2011

Full Day

Today was a full-day, what with church in the morning, lunch, catching up with friends, an evening Christmas program at church, and for the past three hours or so, a discussion with my brother and my dad about the function of the church, and the need for an evangelical heart (individually and collectively).

I am not going to write much, as I am heading to bed soon (the whole jet-lag thing), but I did feel compelled to at least jot down a short blurb so as to not fall out of the habit. Leaving one of my homes for another is always somewhat of a sensory overload--sure, I am on vacation, but there's so much to absorb: people to catch up with, conversations to be had... it's wonderful to have this opportunity to catch up with friends, with people from church and with family, but it is also exhausting!

So, as I pull out of jet-lag over the course of the next few days, I'll try to take more time to carefully and intentionally write out what it's like to be back with my family, to reflect on my past few months as a collective whole, and to celebrate the rapid approach of Christmas.

Stay tuned!

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