Tuesday, December 6, 2011


With each passing day, there seem to be less leaves on the trees,
more plastered to the asphalt in the plaza at school.

Though the temperature is nowhere near as cold as that of an Iowa winter,
the wind has enough of a bite to it,
that I am opting to spend 1st period indoors
and not at my cherished picnic table.
Moments of blue skies and sunshine
are few and far between.
Instead, the sky is a shroud of gray
that some might call dismal.

In two weeks, campus will be mostly deserted.
There's a distinct feeling of things slowing down,
(Though in the moment, for students and teachers alike,
life is busy, even hectic),
and all will be still;
the campus devoid of life.

There's a sad beauty in the stillness.

Sadness, because death is heartbreaking...

...Beauty, because even death is not permanent.

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