Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Writing as routine

Blogging every day is something like running every day: it takes time and it definitely takes discipline, but once you make it a habit; part of your routine; it feels weird to go a day without writing. Going into this evening, it looked like I might have to do just that. The task before me was data entry--hands down the most mindless part of my job. I spent several hours entering numbers into online rubrics, both to record departmental assessment and to calculate scores automatically. I also spent some time putting those numbers into my grade book.

I finished earlier than I had expected and realized that, much like the runner's addiction I developed toward the end of the summer, I couldn't help but write something. So I'm writing about writing something. I enjoy having this be a daily (or nearly-daily) thing. However, I know just how easily the runner's routine can be broken--all it took was a flight back to hot and humid Japan (and only a few days of running in said humidity) to stop the healthy routine I had so carefully cultivated over the course of a month during the summer. It may be tempting for me to give up writing when I return to WA for vacation in a few days--yes, I'll have lots of free-time, but I think that may be a problem: I think my busy routine encourages me to write regularly.

I've fallen out of shape physically since I stopped running... I don't want to fall out of shape rhetorically by stopping my routine of daily writing. Maybe I can be really intentional about writing each day and couple that with a reentry into daily running...

Easy to say...

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  1. I know what you mean about writing. It has been a healthy habit for me to get in. People ask, "How can you write that quickly, that much, and that often?" But it is mostly discipline and practise.