Friday, April 27, 2012

Trust vs. Timidity

Currently, my students are thinking and writing on the concept of the American Dream, especially as it relates to the American reality.  The disparity between dream and reality is easy to relate to: we've all experienced disappointment at times in our lives when our expectations and hopes were not met.

It's easy to play the role of the victim when circumstances do not pan out.  It's much tougher to admit that we must be proactive in pursuing our dreams, that responsibility for the success or failure of a dream rests on our shoulders to no small degree.

I believe that the greatest enemy to making dream reality is timidity... when we see opportunities, but do not take them.  Or perhaps, we do not even seek the opportunities we desire.  Ultimately, this is a matter of faith--if we believe that taking a chance and failing will end us, then of course the risk may seem too great.  However, if we trust that God will provide regardless of whether we succeed or fail, no opportunity should seem too risky.  Even the worst case scenario for pursuing every opportunity pales in comparison to separation from God.  If we believe that God is in control of all things, we will live to recover, grow, and try again.

LORD, let today be the day that my trust outgrows my timidity!

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