Friday, April 27, 2012

Explanation of the name of this blog

Recently, I have gotten a lot of questions and comments about the name of my blog.  I figured that it might be helpful to provide a bit of background:

When I was in high school, I was a reporter and editor for the Hi-Lite, our school newspaper.  I was also in charge of the Entertainment page, and had my own humor column.  After several class periods spent brainstorming a catchy name for a regular humor column, my inspiration came during breakfast with my prayer group on a Thursday morning.  I'd ordered my eggs fried, over-easy, and as the order rolled off my tongue, I realized that this would be a perfect title for my column, which I intended to gently poke fun at the quirks of the Lynden Christian community.  Something about the pairing of "frying" and "over-easy" seemed to fit with this vision.

I used this name again for a blog that I started in college, expanding to "Fried, Overeasy, and a Side of Hashbrowns".  I included the "hashbrowns" because my intent for my new blog was broader and bigger than just writing humorous pieces.  For several years, this blog served as a place where I would re-post Facebook notes; essays that I wrote on a variety of topics, some humorous and some serious.

A few years later, the email account that I had used to create my first blog expired, as I hadn't used the actual account in a long time.  Unfortunately, this meant that I was no longer able to access my blog.  So I created a new blog, and thought of a new name to reflect the fact that I was living in Japan.

Thus, "Fried, overeasy with a side of natto".  I am not actually a fan of natto (which, for the uninitiated, is a gooey fermented bean dish that many in Japan enjoy).  I've tried it, and although I didn't dislike it, I found it very difficult to eat because of the consistency, and decided that it would not be a regular part of my diet.  Natto is, however, a cool word, and it makes for a catchy, interesting title.

And that, readers, is where the title of my blog comes from.

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