Friday, April 20, 2012

Passing the Torch

We've officially entered the time of year where the torch passes from the current Seniors to the upcoming Seniors. I'm not sure what this is like at other schools, but at CAJ, the long process of transition begins with Spring Thrift Shop.

The Juniors are responsible for running the concession stands and supervising the freshmen. All of the money that they make from selling hot dogs, chili, pie, candy, popcorn and drinks goes toward funding the class' Thailand trip, and officially kicks off the class' Senior Concessions sales which will continue in earnest in the fall and winter.

It is yet another signal that this year is winding down, and even serves as a preview of next year, with the Juniors carrying ultimate responsibility for food sales, set-up and clean-up.

I tend to notice these moments of transition; I have ever since I first came here. After watching the class of 2009 sell concessions in January and February, I remember how jarring it was to see the class of 2010 running the show at Thrift Shop. It was the same with the class of 2011 the next year, the class of 2012 the year after that, and now the class of 2013. Each school-year ends, but the cycle continues. It makes me wonder whether I am a permanent part of this cycle at CAJ--this is actually a scary thought as I've talked with several colleagues over the past week who are now nearing the end of their careers who remember being in the position I'm in, looking ahead. Will that be me someday?

It's strange to think about--I fully believe that this is where I'm supposed to be right now, and generally I am content with my life here. I also realize that as I approach and eventually pass 30, I'll continue to grow and change. So, I wonder: what would need to change; what would need to be different for me to be content here permanently?

Trust is a necessity.

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